Thursday, August 9, 2018

August 8th and 9th

Planning session Wednesday morning
Aaron, David & Ben in a pow-wow together.

shelving units installed by David

Ben makes sure things happen

the drawers were the bear to tackle
Aaron using a very special tool for the corners of the drawers.


looking pretty nice, don't ya'll think?

Yesterday, the 8th, Maxim and I completed the first section of a long wall.
For Kristin, this is it!

at the same time
a whole lot!

the arch begins

This hall behind the fireplace connects the kitchen to the bedrooms
not a secret passageway, but a short cut, 
hopefully a pretty one when completed.

the under girting while the bricks are laid

Work on the details of a wall in the main hall, trying to create a theme.
This pattern took quite a while to cut out, but finally got it done today so I could try making the relief on the plaster portion of the collogue.
You'll never guess...

Oh, and I learned how to use the tile cutter today.
I've got to get working on preparing the tiles for when 
Bryan and Brenda, Kristin and Bob come from NMSI again.

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