Sunday, September 24, 2017

Waiting to get the inspections done and approval for the home to be declared
residential, a home that can be lived in!

kitchen, side door

front door

garden courtyard door

getting started on one of the bathrooms

this is a central, main bathroom, 
stilling needing a few adjustments

dry wall going up in the main hall and kitchen areas

Sunday, August 20, 2017

So I took a 2 day break for rest his week
& so did the team of workers, but not before they unloaded this pile.

is coming into the house

the foundation wall for the fence, another layer higher

Volvo putting in the glass block in the walls of the bathroom.
these will serve as a nightlight if needed

the floor up top almost complete

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Just yesterday...

 ...bathroom walls are going up

guest bathroom, below
I'll share a before and after picture once we have things completed

therapy garden & the garden courtyard 
starting to take shape

This courtyard garden will one day soon have some trees and flowers.
Working on making sure water doesn't run into the house is the priority right now.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

as things progress

Over the past week and half or two 
much work has been happening despite the high temperatures in Darivka.

metal reinforced framework in place and then the windows

main hall window

kitchen sink window

excercise window

the utility room as more is placed and finished

The 2 meter perimeter around the house requires a finished
surface with a 2 degree grade to wash water away from the house. 
A perimeter fence will serve as the waters stopping point 
and also the boundary around the property.
This is the foundational hole that's been dug for that wall, 
waiting to have reinforced concrete poured.

another side of the house where the wall will be built

These are adjusted drawings of the entry gate onto the 
property of PROMISE at Stephen's house. 
The metal worker, Tolic who did the garden ache and fence work,
will continue and begin making these soon.
Here's a few more pictures from the week of 
July 19th through the 27th when the team from Berlin 
was here to labor with us out at Stephen' s home 
as they encouraged and blessed us.

Jonathan, Stephan, Daniel & Tabea

 Fancy stuff in Darivka

Downtown sightseeing after church on Sunday

meals together

in Kiary with the men there at the institution

Thursday, July 27, 2017

What a week of hard work!

Not only the company working for us right now,
but we've had a wonderful week with a great team from
International Community Church of Berlin.

Hard work was done in hot, hot weather.
Friendships were formed that only the Lord could bring together.
He is so very good!!!

attic flooring was the focus for the Berlin team

Stephan and Daniel

the area over the houseparents quarters got completed

the rain dispensing tank now covered

still working on getting a dry basement, we're getting closer

this is it with a layer of tar, we have more layers to do