Friday, January 8, 2016

If you are interested in participating in one of the 4 teams that are forming to come to Kherson, Ukraine to build Stephen's home this coming spring and fall 2016, please contact Lori, Murwin with questions or to apply today: or 513.545.9117

Team 1: May 8th - 23rd 2016
Skilled construction workers needed to put a partial basement for this home 
for disabled young men.
Cost: $3600
2 spot still available

Team 2: May 23rd - June 5th 2016
Skilled construction workers needed to dig and pour the house foundation.
The handicapped accessible house is 470 sq meters
 Cost: $3300

Team 3: Potentially September 4th - 18th 2016
This is a church team that has begun to form, so spots for them will take precedence, but you are welcome to join.
Cost: $2910

Team 4: No dates set yet, but the need is for skilled workers to help put up the roof
before winter sets in. Timing would most likely be late October. 
10 potential team members could join
Continued clearing and preparation for the building of 
Stephen's home this coming May, 2016

Sasha preparing the fruit trees for winter

Clearing the plot for Stephen's home, getting the roots of a downed tree cleared out.

Making progress/behind the church property