Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26

Our back fence wall is beginning to take shape.
It stands behind this wall, pictured below.

My tireless project manager...

helping us to diminish this wood pile...
NOTE: This mess no longer exists, it has been removed of all metal pieces and sits in a corner of the garden nicely stacked.

as we build framework the for the sidewalk in the therapy garden.
Hopefully the sidewalk will be poured next Saturday, as long as we have no rain, and we have the crew we need to unload a truckful of cement.

This is about as much as I get in pictures these days, always behind the camera. 
My bucket of used screws and nails retrieved from the wood in the pile,
recycling what we can.
Today I got to use my power drill/screw driver again, it'd been out of commission for quite some time as the "starter box" (maybe) had to be shipped from Germany.
And I used the circular saw, chopped some wood on my own - happy!
August 23rd
Oksana and I shared a bit of time watering the fruit trees,
it's been very hot!

August 19th

Please be in prayer for this worker, Colya. 
He's just had back surgery as a hopeful answer to the back pain he's had. Out of the hospital, but still has time he needs to recover and that's without work compensation to provide for he and his families needs - workman's comp is not a Ukrainian thing.
We have helped to cover some of the costs for him. Colya fills the role right under the acting foreman, so his experience is needed. Our foreman, Constantine is also suffering from back pain, so you can pray for him as well.

This is the main hall of the house (above)
I am standing where the fireplace will be built

On the right will be the doorway into the main hall from the large entry way.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 10th

The cement has been poured in the widow headers and insulation
around the upper portion installed.

up close look at a header, this ones a doorway

standing inside the main hall at Stephen's house, 
looking out to the courtyard garden doors that go into the back hall, which then enter into the guest back bedroom and out the window on the far side of the house
an interesting perspective

the Ingoulets River, just outside of town

Friday, August 5, 2016

Pictures from Thursday, 
August 4th

Stephen's house
walls going up, window's being framed

we have progress, 
not quite as exciting as "we have lift off" sounds

Valodya and I were working more to even out the therapy garden plot.
The area we'll put in side walks will be close to level for those in wheelchairs.

Sasha and Vladamir worked to get the rest of the water out of the basement.
First the pump had to be fixed to pump out the water.
Thanks guys!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 1st

Everything is happening more quickly now that the foundation 
has been inspected and approved.