Thursday, July 27, 2017

What a week of hard work!

Not only the company working for us right now,
but we've had a wonderful week with a great team from
International Community Church of Berlin.

Hard work was done in hot, hot weather.
Friendships were formed that only the Lord could bring together.
He is so very good!!!

attic flooring was the focus for the Berlin team

Stephan and Daniel

the area over the houseparents quarters got completed

the rain dispensing tank now covered

still working on getting a dry basement, we're getting closer

this is it with a layer of tar, we have more layers to do


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Let there be light,
let there be light,
let there be music

this room in Stephen's home now has 
the window space it initially was intended to have

Pouring the walls of the drainage tank for
the water coming off the roof.

yes, it's another large hole in the garden
a needed one as I understand it

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The rest of the windows are going in now
with much reinforcement to make sure the weight of the windows will be supported.
The windows have three layers of glass, so the larger ones are kinda heavy.

Our friends seem to think this is their home. 
Without windows in place at the moment the swallow tails are having their last hay-day.
I thought maybe we'd paint a similar picture on the wall so we won't forget them.

in the therapy garden...

some things were planned, others, well the Lord knew all along

Our first flower on this Japanese flowering tree 
gifted by Sasha and Nadya.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Day 2 of the flooring finishing process
and what a process it is.

This is looking down at a doorway, not yet completed.
Again so very thankful for the team of men working out at Stephen's house. Their expertise and quality of work is so much better quality than the last.
God has blessed us with their work and effort.

You're looking at brick, under the plumbing pipes, under the heated flooring tubes
that carry the pressurized water in them throughout the home.

The bedroom floor corridor completed

SO, this second day of flooring the men had to take a break
the 5 doors for the home arrived in this truck.

small problem, it was a little too tall for the electrical wires
the things we have to do in Ukraine to get the job done 😊
Maxim, as tall as he is, still had to hoist that long 
plank up in the air so the delivery truck could make it under.

This is the front door of Stephen's house

The house parents front door, yes they are all dark, beautiful blue.

The garden court doors
The three doors here all have windows for two reasons,
the obvious being light, the other so those in wheelchairs will be able to 
see others on the outside of the door and not hit each other

I'll share when they are installed. Won't be long now that we have floors in.
Much work continues in the therapy garden, simply as the heat this summer is already so intense and it's just now July. The trees are struggling to make it, I''m afraid we've lost another apricot tree. It made it through the winter, but aphids and high temperature were too much for my lack of good understanding with plants. I'm still learning. The 8 USD we paid for it were much, it's just the time and effort to help and encourage new growth.

Our grape vines are unwavering, going bonkers. I thought the 2 meter high columns for them to grow up and out of would work, and they do, but the vines have grown up and out the top. Three of the vines have grapes as they've grown now for three years here in this therapy garden. Hopefully they'll be around for years to come.

This is the end result of the digging for the drainage ditch for the roof water. it's about the same size as our septic tank that was dug out by a backhoe. This was started by the team that came March 18th then finished by the company workers, all by hand with shovels and many, many wheelbarrows full of hard clay. It's about 4.5 meters deep. About a meter and a half or two will be placed back on top once the cement 
is poured so we can garden on top of this cavern.

It's been a few weeks, the delay is simply due to much happening at this end.
Surprised, I guess not.

The flooring has been the big next finishing project, but first
the basement dirt had to be placed back around the walls, then the rest of the extra dirt had to be moved to the plot of Naomi's home to make room for this

so that

this shoot could bring the cement close

in the front door, for the men to fill buckets

and carry them through the house

and dump them one at a time

even it out

and end up with a room floor like this.

So this is how heated floors are completed in Ukraine.

There are four of these collector systems around the house
to adjust and control the heated flooring system, supplied by the 2 furnaces.

This again is the wood/coal furnace for the home. 
The gas furnace is in the basement waiting to be brought up
and connected to the system here in the utility room.