Thursday, September 15, 2016

From this past week of visits to the worksite

looking at the main central room of the house

the front kitchen wall almost complete

going up

front of the houseparents quarters

looking into the house, across the main hall to the enclosed utility room and kitchen

looking from the kitchen into the entry way

Sasha discussing details with our carpenter from Kiev, Alexe

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 4th

getting the therapy garden ready for pouring a sidewalk
this required moving the gravel to the sidewalk from where the truck dumped it
we won't pour until spring, the ground is still shifting after refilling, 
the last big rain revealed this fact

this is about an eighth or less than what the pile looked like at the started of the day, 
it was a full truck load

we were all tired by the time 15:00 rolled around, especially because of the heat
and the roof begins
bedrooms all along the back wall of the house on the right

the back hall to the guest room and exercise room

the back door out to the therapy garden
bedrooms on the left, utility room on the right