Thursday, October 22, 2015

For many of you keeping up with Oksana, one of the gals who's close to my heart, she is so looking forward to having a place in Naomi's home. When I shared with her this last week that we bought land for Naomi's home it was neat to slowly watch the understanding sink in and the smile spread across her face. 

This special gal, and orphan, has been through a lot in her short life of 20 years. We've spent much time building up to October 7th when she had almost 7 hours of major surgery. She's been through some long nights of pain after major jaw reconstruction so her teeth could line up so she can eat normally. There are challenges that still need to be overcome, but we got the okay from the surgeon today.  It was our 2 week mark after surgery. 
Oksana really is doing very well by the grace of God.


2 weeks after

Kamitra, Beverly and I
have tried to be the nurse at home that Oksana's needed with the help 
and encouragement of many ladies from the local church and friends here in Austin, TX.
So very blessed and cared for.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Today is Friday
Jennifer and Joe Brown offered their time again today to work with Sasha to transplant trees, take out trees that got infected and put in new trees in the therapy garden at the Stephen's Home plot before winter sets in. So grateful for their help and Julia's too in selecting the best trees for the garden.

This is what we are going with, the Ukrainian designers approval of the floor plans we submitted to them with very minor changes.
From here the construction designs can begin.

So the unanimous vote by the board was for option #1. The owner was willing to come down in price to $8000 and this past Tuesday, October 14th, the payment was made and ownership papers were given over to our director, Sasha, on behalf of PROMISE. Here are a few more photos of the plot, the existing building that will most likely come down, when we begin building Naomi's Home.

Looking at the front door of the existing little home on the plot, back at the road,
the yellow pipe in the air is the gas pipe for the village, 
so the gasline, it's close.

This is a well on the plot, but the plot does have city water, 
it simply needs to be hooked up/turned on again.

The house from the road. It sits in the north west corner of the plot.

The owner had the electric meter removed so folks couldn't hook other equipment
up to it and have him be charged the expense. He is willing to help pay for the
hook up of the electricity again once we'll need it for building Naomi's home. 
You can see in this picture, there is an electrical line coming into the existing building.

I hope while I am here in the States with Oksana to begin the designs for the women's home.
The process we went through with Stephen's home, we learned a lot. Planning to use what we learned
as a stepping stone as we go into designing Naomi's home. Excited! The ladies will have a home too.