Tuesday, November 18, 2014

As here in the states, the image of the stork is a symbol of blessing and fertility in Ukraine. We just don't see the storks. In Ukraine, they have many, and on the roof tops of homes is where they build their nests. Many trinkets and souvenirs have the image of the stork, guarding her nest, atop a country home called a "dache". Well, this beautiful bird decided to bless the workers at the church with it's presence as they were working this day. Maybe it was the Lord giving his blessing upon the workers and the church in a visual way. He has blessed this work, the preparation for Stephen's home, and he continues to make 
His presence known in a mighty way. So very grateful!

yes it's real

Monday, November 17, 2014

With the walls for the additional classroom and indoor bathroom complete
the roof was next

The building here in the foreground will be cleared to make way 
for machinery that will be needed on the back portion 
of the property in order to build Stephen's home.

This portion of the Naomi & Stephen's homes project
began on October 6th with the tear down of old storage buildings
and one month later on November 6th the roof of the new building was completed.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday, November 6th, the trees on the property of Stephen's home were transplanted by Sasha, in the blue shirt, and Joe and Jen, specialist, more importantly friends and a blessing from the Lord at the perfect time. The new garden/orchard area will become a joy for the home.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This past month of October has been busy at the site where Stephen's home will be built. Sasha and two crews have been working hard to prepare for building by clearing the older storage buildings as well as moving the entry way into the church, as the church sits at the very front of the property. The need for this preparation is to, in the future, provide building machinery access to the back portion of the property. Up until now it's been just a simple garden gate into the back orchard.


Sasha's crews are trying to get done as much as possible before winter comes. The rains have given them a bit of a set back, but they're doing all they can to get the exterior walls and roof completed. The interior work can be completed through the coming winter.

This is the foundation for the new, indoor, handicapped accessible bathroom and classroom space for the kids at church.

The foundation now with walls on it.

At the front of the church, the new entry way is being constructed.
The foundation for the ramp and stairs is in place.
A large old tree has to be removed to allow for this expansion, 
so in time we'll have to replace it with another.