Saturday, June 9, 2018

A visit to Dnpriana 
to visit the young men there, for the day.
Oksana tagged along before heading back to Kahovka


Maxim with some of the guys

Vitya with Sasha in the background in the center

The fireplace is being built!
This seems like a miracle as so much has need to fall into place to even begin.
God is good with the details and his timing is perfect!

This is just a start, the framework so to speak. the hall behind
the fireplace gives access for easier cleaning. There is also an opening for cleaning in the part chimney above the utility room where it exits through the roof.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Thursday the 24th
We spent the day out in Kiary at the institute for 500 men with mental challenges. Some of the young men, old men and everyone in between gathered around the four of us who came to visit that day. The four guys from this institution we hope to bring 
into Stephen's home looked so healthy, I was very encouraged by this visit with them.
Valentine, the pastor of a church in Kherson joined us, a real blessing as he shared from the Bible with them. 
Many present have studied the Bible with others who've led discussions.

A routine, now with expectations, are sharing of good cookies and 
juice along with fresh bananas around good conversation.

a new friend, Valodya; both this man and the older below with Vica 
struggle with the debilitating effects of Cerebral Palsy 

Sergei a sweet young guy that I've know for years

Slava, sitting next to Maxim in the center is on of our special guys

Sergey in the yellow shirt and Jennia in the center both grew up in 
Oleshky at the orphanage

Kyril and Sasha, both sweet young men

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spring is here and so the work begins once again. 
That means supplies will be arriving and we don't want things walking off. 
Since the brickwork for the fences was finished up this past November
the finishing touch, the decorative metal was all that was left to close up the perimeter walls. A gate at the front of the house has been ordered, 
but the property of Stephen's home butts up next to the churches, 
so it is secure now as the two fence of their properties connect.

It just got placed today - looks really nice

We had a day of clean up on the property this past Thursday, 
that helped immensely with actually being able to see the fencing.
Very grateful for the hard workers that came and helped.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Completed basement floor
Tile is the best way to finish things in Ukraine
so our cold cellar is about as finished as it will get
before we begin using it as a cold cellar.
Maybe there will be a harvest this fall.
A few doors in the right places are the last details that need to go
in before shelving is placed.

In the far corner on the right, we're going to place the big 
1000 liter water tank that's been sitting outside throughout this last summer. 
So, when the occasional turn comes and water is switched off, 
we'll have enough to provide for the family a few days.