Saturday, March 10, 2018

Completed basement floor
Tile is the best way to finish things in Ukraine
so our cold cellar is about as finished as it will get
before we begin using it as a cold cellar.
Maybe there will be a harvest this fall.
A few doors in the right places are the last details that need to go
in before shelving is placed.

In the far corner on the right, we're going to place the big 
1000 liter water tank that's been sitting outside throughout this last summer. 
So, when the occasional turn comes and water is switched off, 
we'll have enough to provide for the family a few days.

Friday, December 8, 2017

We have a dry basement, 
I've seen it now with my own eyes

This is greatly due in part to the fact that we now have 
stairs down to the basement. Very excited about this.

yes, the ceiling looks just a little bizarre
- not quite certain what the first company did to form it 
and have it come out this way

our first storage shelving unit in the cold-celler
this is in a small closet area under the stairs

looking from the bottom up, 
the structural formation of the staircase

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

We had a work day out in Darivka this past Saturday.
It was time to clean up! 
So members from my church in Kherson along with some extra helpers joined in to

Nick helping to separate out the boxes of tiles as it 
rained, then froze. Made the work a bit more challenging to accomplish.



Valodya cutting back the grape vines for the winter.


Sashinka fixing lunch, 
joined by the two interim pastors of the church in Darivka.

Nick and Sveltlana, with other friends from church sharing lunch together, to warm up.

Vovo, a new believer in Christ, joining in as his work on Stephen's house
has required long hours of him, so he lives there temporarily.
Rejoicing in a good days work done!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

the requirements for opening Stephen's home

  • State paperwork completed
  • Meeting standard requirements for our specific type of service
  • Vehicle for the home
  • Staff members need medical paper that say they are allowed to work with children
  • Programing that provides development/progression for the young men. Annual plan and schedule of events.
  • Finished building - needs to meet sanitary norms with enough light, accessible, space, etc.
  • Food provision
  • Assistants - need to have one or two people that have qualifications/diplomas stating that they are qualified to oversee and care for these kids/adults (one or two social service workers that will be hired to help us and Kamitra)
  • No debts
  • Medical staff that are qualified/having a diploma
  • Tools and equipment to provide our social service
We would appreciate your prayers ~
This may seem like a short list, but comes with a l
ong list of underlying details that require a whole lot.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

So the staircase to the basement/cold cellar 
has been a really big deal for a number of reasons.
The first being the wet basement this past spring that needed to be fixed before anything could be done. Once the wetbase walls and then floor were solved
 what materials to actually build the stairs out of has been an ongoing discussion. 
Concrete is standard here. If you've seen any Russian 
films or visited this country, you understand a few things;
first, Ukrainians love to build with concrete, 
two, concrete is not produced in a great quality, so it deteriorates more quickly, 
three, stairs of good quality where every step is the same rise and run is unusual. 
Our building team working with us is changing these standards in part because we are thinking outside the box, no concrete😌. 
You can see here in these photos we are begining with metal framework. 
A sealed wooden rise and run will then be placed on the framework.

puzzle pieces?

guide for the placement of each stair

there are 27 stairs down to the bottom