Saturday, June 10, 2017

This week, been a busy one!

I've had a week with a group from NMSI with and intern & her leaders
@ Naomi's home plot.

We had to re-dig out the basement walls.
They are about halfway through returning this pile of dirt, it all has to go back.


electric work going in

in the garden

Friday, June 2, 2017

old tar layer causing a leaky basement
new tar layers with one more to go on to seal the basement
keep the water out!

YUP, that's almost 4 meters down! 
three full sides of the basement walls had to be completely dug out

That's all heating pipes on the floor for the radiant heat, and what you don't see
is all the electrical work that's going in, the guy doing it is good,
making sure it's not seen.

Monday, May 29, 2017

May 25th
A day of work in the therapy garden

we have roses, pretty ones

Stephen's house, the heated floors going in

re-waterproofing and insulating the basement
it all had to be dug out, so there are piles of dirt all over
not an easy job, but necessary to make sure we have a dry basement

quite a ways down there

Monday, May 22, 2017

Team from Chernigov/California
MAY 18 - 21
They were a great group to work with and a blessing in so many ways.

Phyllis and I have been trying to connect with Justin and his family
as they have been working in CA to help others work with those with special needs.
They just moved to Ukraine to work full-time here in the northern part of the country.
The opportunity opened for Justin to be able to come south with his son, Eli & daughter Noelle & bring a team of students from Master's college = 15 total team members.

they arrive

short a space or two out to the village
Noelle got the cargo space

Eli with his dad, Justin and AJ
team leader Dillon in the foreground

waiting for housing instructions
Mariya, Roman, our taxi driver from church, Illya, Jan, Phyllis' son & Kaily

Noelle with Nastia Friday morning at the orphanage

Talking with the therapist at the orphanage

Whitney and Kaily working with one of the girls in group 6, Korina.

Yulia, one of the older girls in group 6 with down's.

one of the projects the ladies started for us,
I show the end results when it's complete

This was the guys project, though a number of the gals helped out toward the end of the first day and into the second. The clay is like digging through hard rock when it's dry and packed. This pit, one of many we have on the property right now, will serve as the drainage system for rainwater off our 500 sq meter roof. The purpose is to keep the land from washing away, this will reroute the water to drain it slowly, down and out.

Saturday morning out at the orphanage

Play-dough time with the teen group

Kelly with Sasha from group 3
& little Kryill joined us too, Jan helping him and Alyona, all smiles.

Anya got some dance time with Mariya and a couple other new friends.
This was the highlight of her morning.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

MAY 16th
the day begins

with no water & electricity,
so we paid a neighbor to use his well with a pump & filled up 
the 1000 liter tank for cement work in the house

 a finishing layer on the houseparent quarters was poured

A number of the men working out at the worksite are from local churches,
this young man is one that I recognize from my friends congregation in Kherson.

Maxim and I working with the electrician in the attic space
making preparations for sleeping quarters when teams comes to work with PROMISE.

looking down to the main hall below
It's been a few days, we've been busy

May 15th

prepping the floor for the heating tubes

smoothing & finishing the walls

inside & out

Saturday, May 13, 2017

It was a short week of work as the previous weekend was another 
4 day holiday celebration. 
Got a  lot done Thursday and Friday. 
This is one purchase we made, as it has arrived. 
This is the firebox for the fireplace in the main hall of Stephen's house.

it is Norwegian made, comes with a 25 year guarentee