Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The last 4 days with team 2
THE THREE MUSKETEERS - MAXIM became the 4th Musketeer

This is the finished product!!!
Roll-Away beds with drawer space for a suitcase, blankets and sheets.
Personal shelving with each bunk and a place for mirrors and electrical outlets.
We tried to think of everything 😉

DOORS! This is the first one
Ben just happened to finish some barn like doors for his own home recently,
so he helped us make one so we can repeat the process.

Ben helped too with understanding. 
What leftover wood we had from building the house,
he shared how select good pieces and to put all that to good use. 
The end result is perfect for the de'cor of our "western look."

A bit of fun...
...Sunday after church and a walk through the local market we had a bit of down time before being picked up to head back out Darivka.

The guys had a hankering for some action, I think this did the trick.



JAAN, our translator for the day


to the fireplace getting finished

God goes before us every step of the way!
Please be in prayer with us that we stick like glue to His plan.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

August 8th and 9th

Planning session Wednesday morning
Aaron, David & Ben in a pow-wow together.

shelving units installed by David

Ben makes sure things happen

the drawers were the bear to tackle
Aaron using a very special tool for the corners of the drawers.


looking pretty nice, don't ya'll think?

Yesterday, the 8th, Maxim and I completed the first section of a long wall.
For Kristin, this is it!

at the same time
a whole lot!

the arch begins

This hall behind the fireplace connects the kitchen to the bedrooms
not a secret passageway, but a short cut, 
hopefully a pretty one when completed.

the under girting while the bricks are laid

Work on the details of a wall in the main hall, trying to create a theme.
This pattern took quite a while to cut out, but finally got it done today so I could try making the relief on the plaster portion of the collogue.
You'll never guess...

Oh, and I learned how to use the tile cutter today.
I've got to get working on preparing the tiles for when 
Bryan and Brenda, Kristin and Bob come from NMSI again.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

August 7th

Cranking out the goods!

One bed down, three to go.

Dave, Ben and Aaron make quick work with Maxim pitching in to provide an extra pair of hands when needed.

Dave's working on bed number 4. These are on half the attic space. 
The other side will have beds too.

one of many that my brain has been working on
and Oksana's been helping with...

The guys that will share the forest themed room, Slava and Sergei, are two really great, special young men. So we're attempting to make it a space to meet their needs. They've gone to long without visual stimulation and activity, Slava especially has been severely challenged to keep occupied. Hopefully little things like decorations will help on those long winter days when going outside is not an option. Leaves, for the ceiling in the forest room are close to being completed.