Wednesday, January 30, 2019


In short, the cold has continued, but so has the work
around the house and in the garden.

looking back at the house from the therapy garden

drainage around the perimeter keeping the flow going at a slight slope
that will end in the drainage tank in the therapy garden

waiting now for a bit warmer weather to wrap up this work

Insulation and stucco are next come springtime, 
that'll finish up most of the outside work.
Electrical work is currently on the agenda,
Vovo, the expert was back on the job today.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Work on the interior of the home continues

Maxim is having the local pastor, Valic, continue to lay tile for us to get all the bathrooms completed. In the spring we hope to focus on getting the ceiling areas in the main large rooms complete, then lay the floor tile.

The house parents quarters, their main bath, and therapy tub room for the young men.
Work accomplished as the temperatures change

In the foreground, the central ring that will be the middle of the therapy garden
begins to take shape. The completed circular border is below.

This corner ring will allow for the kids to bypass one another along in their wheelchairs more easily.
The ground level will be raised to the height of the garden path edge, we have a storehouse of dirt at the Naomi's Home plot, dirt fill that was removed during different parts of the building process of Stephen's Home.

As the building, through this past year, took a beating on some of the exposed insulation around the base of the foundation, the deteriorated parts have been removed and replaced with better quality insulating material. Additional ground has then been brought in to raise and ramp the ground up to the front door, see below.

December 2018