Sunday, October 29, 2017

So the staircase to the basement/cold cellar 
has been a really big deal for a number of reasons.
The first being the wet basement this past spring that needed to be fixed before anything could be done. Once the wetbase walls and then floor were solved
 what materials to actually build the stairs out of has been an ongoing discussion. 
Concrete is standard here. If you've seen any Russian 
films or visited this country, you understand a few things;
first, Ukrainians love to build with concrete, 
two, concrete is not produced in a great quality, so it deteriorates more quickly, 
three, stairs of good quality where every step is the same rise and run is unusual. 
Our building team working with us is changing these standards in part because we are thinking outside the box, no concrete😌. 
You can see here in these photos we are begining with metal framework. 
A sealed wooden rise and run will then be placed on the framework.

puzzle pieces?

guide for the placement of each stair

there are 27 stairs down to the bottom

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